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Fastpitch softball has a long history in the FM area, with leagues being played as far back as 1927. We continue to play this great game in Fargo today under the Fargo Fastpitch Association and its leagues. The game of fastpitch is a high paced, competitive, and challenging, and we always welcome new faces to our game.

We currently have two leagues, our Premier League, which takes place on Thursday nights at the North Softball Complex in north Fargo, and the Fall League, which takes place on Wednesday nights at Mickelson Park in north Fargo right next to Jack Williams Stadium. Whether you are looking to play or to watch, feel free to stop by and chat,or chirp, with the guys.

We also host one tournament every summer called the Fargo Memorial Tournament, which takes place on Memorial Day Weekend at North Softball Complex. The Fargo Memorial Tournament is limited to teams/pitchers rated A-major and below, according to the NAFA ratings, and usually features about 12 teams.


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Fargo Fastpitch League


North Softball Complex

Fargo Fastpitch plays its Summer League & Tournaments on Diamonds 5-8

6101 45th Street North, Fargo, North Dakota, US

Mickelson Park

Fargo Fastpitch plays its Fall League Games at Mickelson Park

901 Oak St N, Fargo, North Dakota, US